Our Approach


Bring Your Own Device. We strive to make your life easier! Our goal is to help you transition your house into a home. Update or revive old equipment and streamline your entertainment experience. We want to bring your home into the 21st century.

Our Story

Our Story

We know there is a lot of new equipment out there claiming to make your life easier. Let us show you how to make that true.

The BYOD Team

We are here to untangle, secure, organize, streamline and make sense of your technical issues and ideas.

Kyle Dumas

Founder & CEO

Kyle created BYOD in 2014 and has been in the technical service industry since the early 80's. He has an extensive background in fiber optics, networking, telephones, computers, home automation systems, various alarm systems, etc. Ask him anything and he will give you a solution.

Wendy Dumas

President & CFO

Wendy joined the BYOD team in 2015 after 6 1/2 years on the Suncadia accounting team. She has been in the technical field most of her life and has worked with Kyle for years. She is the one to call to get the ball rolling.

Joey Stone, Adam Dumas and Dakota Hansen


Joey joined the BYOD team November of 2019 and keeps the team balanced.

Adam became a team member in July of 2018. His troubleshooting skills are amazing!

Dakota Hansen joined the BYOD team in 2020. Helping us make your life easier.



Next Steps...

To get started just call us at 509-674-8403